19 January, 2021 Company news

Barcodes: to whom and why to register?

A barcode is a graphic information applied to the surface, marking or packaging of products, which makes it possible to read it by technical means - a sequence of black and white stripes, or other geometric shapes.

Barcodes are used for accounting transactions during the delivery and sale of goods.

Barcodes are obtained using the GS1 system.

If you want to obtain GS1 barcode numbers for certain products, you need to enter into an agreement with the Association of Commodity Numbering GS1 Ukraine.

Members of such an Association may be legal entities or natural persons-entrepreneurs.

To conclude an agreement with the Association, it is necessary to provide the relevant documents, which include the registration card of the participant, the agreement, additional agreements and an extract from the USR of the participant. After successful registration as a member of the Association, you must pay the appropriate membership fees, after which you will be able to register a barcode.

To compile the necessary package of documents and obtain barcodes for your products, we advise you to contact LLC "LAW FIRM" BLISS ".