18 December, 2019 Company news

Checking goods by barcode

Registration and receipt of a bar code ensures the identification of any product, regardless of its characteristics, purpose and use.

The barcode allows you to accurately determine which product item the product belongs to. This identification number is called the Global Heading Number.

Knowing what this or that number on the barcode means, you can get some information about the product.

So, the first two or three digits on the left indicate the country - the manufacturer of the goods; the next four digits are the manufacturer; the next five digits are the name of the product and its properties, the last digit is the control one and is used to verify the correct reading of codes by the scanner. The mark ">" means the mark of a product manufactured under license.

Products that are very small may have a short code of eight digits.

The country code is assigned by the International Association of EAN and never consists of a single digit.

Quite often on a product you can see an inscription, for example, “Made in Ukraine”, and the code on the label does not correspond to this country.

You should not immediately panic if the country code on the barcode does not match the inscription "made in ...." and conclude that the product is fake.

Let's see, because this can happen for a number of reasons, and here are some of them.

For example, the barcode of a country does not coincide due to the fact that the company was registered and received the code not in its own country, but in the one where the main export of products was directed or the goods were manufactured at a subsidiary. In addition, the goods can be manufactured in one country, and the license of the company from another country.