18 February, 2020 Company news

The Economic Court demanded more than 600,000 UAH in the case on intellectual property rights protection

In the Economic Court of Dnepropetrovsk region (Case No. 904/3785/19) the plaintiff filed a lawsuit to recover from the defendant a debt in the amount of about 700 000 UAH.

At trial, the court found that there were two license agreements between the parties, according to which the plaintiff gave the defendant the right to distribute programs through telecommunication systems, and the defendant undertook to pay and use the right granted to him in accordance with the terms of the contracts.

However, the defendant did not make the payment, in connection with which there was a debt in the amount of almost 700 000 UAH. In addition to the principal amount of the debt, the plaintiff requested to recover from the defendant a fine, 3% per annum and inflation losses.

Taking into account the established circumstances, the court made a decision, which satisfied the claims in full.

This case proves once again that:

  • You must register your intellectual property rights;
  • license agreements are becoming more widespread & it is a real way of obtaining everyone's desired "passive income" on copyright;
  • restoration of infringed intellectual property rights is possible and worth litigation.