15 June, 2020 Company news

Roshen Corporation sues "Kyiv Cake" brand

Roshen Confectionery Corporation is suing for the right to use the Kyiv Cake brand with the Kharkiv ice-cream company (hereinafter referred to as the defendant).
Roshen asks the court to forbid the defendant to use the designation "Kyiv cake" in its activities in Ukraine, both separately and together with the image of chestnut leaves, chestnut fruits for ice cream.

The use of these elements, according to the corporation, violates the intellectual property rights of Roshen.

In turn, the defendant, in his opinion, uses the specified brand legally, since it has a certificate of registration of TM.

In addition, Roshen Corporation asks the court to discontinue and destroy all packaging and labels with the indicated elements and annul the certificate of registration for the mark for the goods and services of the defendant.
The trial continues to this day.

Details can be tracked on the website of the judiciary on case number 910/16397/19.