14 January, 2020 Company news

Trademark as a way to “outwit” the law

Did not expect such an editorial? But calm, all the recommendations are more than legal and have already been tested in practice.

The matter is that In 2 days, advertising in Ukraine will be possible only in the Ukrainian language. The legislator tightens measures to introduce the state language in all spheres of the population’s life.

So, from January 16, 2020, amendments to Art. 6 of the Law of Ukraine "On Advertising", in accordance with which only the Ukrainian language is recognized as the language of advertising. Consequently, on billboards, television screens (outdoor advertising) in transport, in placement, in television and radio broadcasts and when other types of advertising are placed, the content of information in Russian, English or any other language, except Ukrainian, will be considered as violation of this Law and subsequent fines as on the advertiser (customer), and on the organization that advertises.

But do not rush to despair, the Bliss Law Firm has found a solution in this situation too! The output is very simple:

  • First, you need a brand. If you are the owner - excellent, and if not - the BLISS Law Firm will quickly fix this and register your trademark;)
  • the second thing you need to know is the information, pictures, names shown as part of your trademark are subject to intellectual property rights;
  • and third, taking into account the above, your trademark can be placed on a billboard or used in some form of advertising in an integral form, that is, as registered: a verbal designation or image in any language, even Chinese characters.

Thus, placement on external advertising or other types of advertising of a registered trademark (in any language) will not be considered a violation of the Law of Ukraine “On Advertising”. And no fines or sanctions for you, promote your business calmly.

And the Law Firm "BLISS" is always happy to advise, answer all questions, dispel all doubts and add you to the list of happy owners of the brand!