15 February, 2021 Company news

Derivative copyright

Derivative works are subject to legal protection in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights."

A derivative is a work - a creative reworking of another existing work without harming its protection: it can be an annotation, adaptation, arrangement, processing of folklore, etc., or its creative translation into another language.

However, derivative works do not include audiovisual works obtained by duplication, dubbing, subtitling in Ukrainian or other languages ​​of other audiovisual works.

The peculiarity of derivative works is that they are created on the basis of processing or other use of other works, and at the same time they are independent objects of copyright.

Thus, the acquisition of rights to a derivative work, as an independent new object of copyright, does not release its author from the obligation to indicate information about the author of the original work, if such an indication is possible and the author himself does not object to this.

When creating a derivative work, it is important to respect the rights of the authors of the original works. The largest violation of these rights is plagiarism, that is, attribution of authorship to a work that is used to create a derivative work.

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