26 May, 2020 Company news

Electronic database of hazardous non-food products

The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine launched the all-Ukrainian database of dangerous non-food products "uvaga.gov.ua". On this site you can check whether this or that product is safe - https://uvaga.gov.ua/uk/Main/Category/Category.

The base "uvaga.gov.ua" includes such categories as construction products and materials, children's products, industrial products and equipment, fuel, medical products, detergents, vehicles and spare parts, measuring instruments, electrical and electronic equipment, pyrotechnic products and etc.

You can find products by the parameters "Product Type", "Brand", "Name", "Country", "Year".

The proof of product safety is its compliance with national standards, harmonized in accordance with European standards. The list of such harmonized national standards is compiled by the standardization body.

The indicated list as of January 1 is annually made public by its publication in the print media and by posting on the official website of the Ministry of Economy.