17 September, 2016 Company news

The changes to the constituent documents in connection with discommunization

Min`yust in a letter dated 21.06.2016 p. №21413/677-0-2-16/8 said that the changes of names (rename) squares, streets, alleys, avenues, bridges and other objects of settlements conducted according to law of discommunization must be reflected in the Unified state register.

The Act of law does not specify a certain date for the amendments concerning the location of an artificial persons, location of an individual in connection with the name change (rename) geographical names.

Consequently, businesses can make changes to street names in the general procedure when making changes to their constituent documents relating to the change of its members (founders, owners), management structure and so on.

The department reported that amendments to the founding document of the artificial persons issued by writing it in the new edition.