16 April, 2021 Company news

Didn't pay the TM fee - time and money wasted

As you know, in order for Ukrpatent to start a formal examination, it is necessary to pay a fee for filing an application for registration of a trademark.

The deadline for payment of such a fee is up to two months from the date of application. Or the specified fee can be paid immediately with the submission of the application by attaching the original of the relevant receipt to the materials.

The amount of the fee depends on the number of the selected classes of the ICGT (activities that will be carried out under the TM) and is different in each case.
In case of non-payment of such a fee within the established time frame, Ukrpatent withdraws the application and returns it to the applicant without further consideration.

What does it mean?
Upon the return and withdrawal of the application, the applicant no longer has the right to use his own created brand on legal grounds: to advertise it on social networks, distribute product samples, manufacture products or provide services under the declared designation.
In addition, the costs of legal assistance for the preparation and filing of the registration application are also not refundable, and therefore were paid “in vain”.
Therefore, do not waste your time and money - pay the necessary fees to register the declared Trademark on time.