21 January, 2020 Company news

How to declare a brand as a well-known trademark and what it gives?

A well-known (trademark) is a sign used over a long period of time on a specific territory, that has become widely known mark to a particular consumer.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, well-known in Ukraine can be admitted:

Trademarks which have received legal protection in the territory of Ukraine as marks for goods and services;

Trademarks that have received legal protections on the basis of the international registration in Ukraine;

Designations that are actually used as a trademark but do not have legal protection (unregistered designations).

Trademark recognition of a well-known brand gives its owner significant benefits:

  • the owner has the right to prohibit its use (image) on any goods and services that are inconsistent with those for which the trademark is recognized as well-known (that is, even similar to TM in other classes of Nice Classification);
  • the validity of a well-known trademark is unlimited, unlike a regular trademark;
  • rating and recognition are increasing quite significantly among consumers of relevant goods and services;
  • the proprietor of a well-known trademark has the right to demand the prohibition of the use of the mark if its component reproduces a well-known mark.

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