04 June, 2021 Company news

How to fight theft on social networks?

During this week, there were a lot of appeals from the series "photos, texts, name, etc. were stolen on the social network page."

Therefore, this post is for those who have been stolen, and for those who have stolen.

Bliss Law Firm, a law firm specializing in the registration and protection of intellectual property (and texts, images, and logos are the author's intellectual property), reports the following: "Stolen - in prison!" can get substantial.

A bit from the theory: The Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights" provides for the exclusive right to a work in the field of science, literature, art. Such works include just that
- books, brochures, articles;
- speeches, lectures, speeches and other oral works;
- computer programs and databases;
- musical works with text and without text; dramatic, musical-dramatic works, pantomimes, choreographic and other works created for stage performance, and their productions, audiovisual works;
- photographic works and much more.
As for the names - they are trademarks or as it sounds legally - "a sign for goods and services."

As a result, if you have created something of the above yourself - then you have every right to call yourself the author. And the one who stole it is engaged in plagiarism, and in simple language is an ordinary thief.

How to protect yourself?
First: publicly state that the author is you and that someone has violated your rights (copied the text, photo, made a clone page with your images / your product and logo).
And at this stage it would be good to provide evidence: it can be any experience or posting on the Internet, where you can see the author (your nickname) and the date of publication.
The next step is to contact the "bad" person with a written request to remove and immediately stop using your intellectual property.
Another effective "social method" is to ask your subscribers to complain about the page and fill out the appropriate feedback form yourself - if there are many complaints, Facebook and Instagram will block the page.
If appeals to the violator and the portal did not help - official complaints and claims of theft are written, and if they are ignored here as well - then the statement of claim to the court - will no longer be up to the games. Significant material and moral damage can be recovered in court. In what size? In each situation it is necessary to consider individually.

Have you had similar stories? Fill out the feedback form on the website, call or write, and the specialists of Bliss Law Firm will advise you on how to act in your situation.